28th April 2020

Due to the spread of the pandemic development, the Slovak Karst Cup 2020 organization is definitively canceled. Payments of the entry fee will be sent to the account from which they were sent by 15.5.2020.
We look forward to seeing you at the next event organization in 2021.   

10th April 2020

Last weekend the IOF Council at its meeting discussed the fate of future IOF events affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. It was decided that if the World Masters Games (WMG) in Japan (which includes WMOC) takes place in 2021, then the postponed WMOC 2020 would be offered a 2023 slot. In the meantime, the WMG organisers have recently confirmed that their event will go ahead as planned, so we are pleased to announce that the WMOC in Slovakia will now take place in 2023.
Many athletes expressed great interest in this year’s event and were really looking forward to roaming our woods. There is no need to despair though. Terrains won’t go anywhere and the organisation team is ready to deliver a high-quality event in three years’ time. Even though it is a very long time till then, we strongly believe that it will be worth waiting for.

29th March 2020

Dear sports friends,

In recent days we have had to make the most difficult decision yet regarding organization of the Orienteering Masters community’s biggest festival. Unfortunately, the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has not yet been stopped. Expert opinions convinced us that ensuring the health of WMOC participants, which is our priority, is an unmanageable task for the organizational team. Therefore, in agreement with the IOF, WMOC 2020 and Karst Cup 2020 is rescheduled to an unspecified date.

We are in negotiations with the IOF regarding the organization of the championship in Slovakia in any of the following years. We are also in consultation with the IOF about the financial settlements for registered participants.We will inform you of the new date as well as the terms of the financial settlement as soon as possible. Please be patient and indulgent in this difficult situation.

Let us wish you good health and express our support to everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in any way. And also to express our belief that we will all gladly meet when the WMOC in Slovakia returns.

22nd March 2020 – COVID-19

With the news of COVID-19 virus spreading, we would like to express that the wellbeing of all attending is our priority. We are closely monitoring the spread development of COVID-19 and noting the advice of our government and World Health Organization. All decisions about the future of the event will be coordinated with the IOF and relevant health organizations. At the moment the preparations for the event are still ongoing continually and the event will go ahead as planned. We will keep you informed about new decisions as the situation evolves.

23rd December 2019 – Invitation

We published invitation. Competition > Invitation


Open race of individuals in orienteering.

Terrain is the same as of WMOC 2020.





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